VoIP Business Phone Service Reviews


The portability of Big Fish’s phones allows us to seamlessly hire on new out-of-state employees. All we have to do is ship them a Big Fish phone, they plug it in, and it’s as if they were right there in the office with us thanks to the Hosted Cloud-based system. I love that we are not glued to one physical location, with Big Fish’s service we can simply pick up our phones and plug them in off-site as needed. Big Fish removes the limitations that are common with other phone services and allows us to expand our business beyond four physical walls.  Best of all, when I call into Big Fish’s office, I reach a real (and happy) person who won’t leave me on hold for an hour like most other phone service providers. Service calls are always with a real person, never an automation. Big Fish is a group of real people dedicated to making sure you’re taken care of 100%.

Jesse Curtis

Tee Time Golf

I need to say thank you for your help thru the past 7-8 weeks. The IP phone system has been amazing. It allowed three workers to handle phones while at home with no IT concerns. Plug and play! Thank you.

David Freeman

Freeman Orthodontics

We’ve saved thousands of dollars and the phones have been great.  They’ve been very easy to use. The voicemail is very easy to access and we like the system and Big Fish service a lot. It has been great and whenever we have extra needs like this remote access, their guys have been able to meet our needs.

Patsy Ugarte

Ugarte and Associates, Inc.

Before we had this system we had an older phone system, I won’t name the name but they had an old system that didn’t really do much other than voicemail.  What I love about this new system that Big Fish has put in for us is that it consolidates everything in that if somebody calls, the transfer is easy everything goes through smoothly we communicate well within the office and not only that but the voicemails come to our email which to some might not be a new idea but to me it was a great idea because it’s easy to copy and keep for the file. There’s lots of different reasons why it’s great to have all that consolidated and the phone itself is great as well so we really do enjoy the system.


VoIP technology has showed us that we could save money just by simply switching over to the Big Fish system and we have.  I’ve saved probably 25% at least from our traditional services which adds up for any business and we still get quality service so we’re very happy with that.

Martin Vreman

Greater Florida Insurance

Coming from a VOiP provider before, we already knew what the VoIP service provided.  Moving to Big Fish, we were able to do a seamless transition, I don’t feel like we lost any type of quality or customer service or anything like that.  All of that actually improved when we did switch over to Big Fish.  We like that we have the client portal as well so we can record all of our activity coming in. There’s a lot of reporting aspects that we have within the portal so that’s nice as well.  They stay on top of everything and I will say that of course Big Fish being a locally based provider to our central office we are able to get quick response to our requests.

Cassandra Vasquez

Revenue Recovery Solutions, INC.

Big Fish Voice has been a big blessing to Providence Community School. We find that working with a local company has huge benefits. Whenever we have a question on how to retrieve a voicemail or any other aspect of our service like that we have them available and quickly responding to our needs. We’ve also found that with the features associated with the technologies they use we are able to quickly and easily access the information that we need even when we’re not here on campus which for us, being here two days a week and being at home three days a week is a big benefit. It helps us to continually be in contact with the families here at our school. Also, as the finance administrator here at PCS, Big Fish Voice was an incredible financial advantage for us. We were able to shave a hundred dollars a month off of our telephone bill by switching over to Big Fish Voice.

Brenda Jameson

Providence Community School