“What’s in it for me?” Learn why everyone else is switching over to Cloud Hosted Phones and why you should too.

#1 Portability

Now more than ever, companies are reformatting office structures and schedules to allow employees to work from home due to the CoVid-19 pandemic. But maybe you’re a small business owner who enjoys the flexibility of working from home yet needs to remain accessible to both clients and employees. Whatever your reason might be, Cloud Hosted Phones are portable and can be taken anywhere with an internet connection. Don’t let your phones limit how you want to run your business.


#2 Extension to Extension Dialing

Has your business recently expanded and opened a second location across town (or maybe even out of state)? To ensure that communication between each location is convenient and instantaneous, Cloud Hosted Phones offer extension to extension dialing regardless of geographical location. Imagine communicating with your employees out of state just as seamlessly as the employees in your own office – all in the touch of a button.


#3 Cost Savings

We know you want and deserve the best of the best – but you also have a bottom line to manage. We are here to provide you with both – high quality products & service at a budget friendly price. Cloud Hosted Phones are billed on a month-to-month basis. No locking or binding contracts. Plus, your monthly phone bill won’t be your only source of big savings. It’s time to stop throwing away money every month by leasing old and outdated phones that you don’t even like using! After a one-time purchase and installation fee – you own your new full-featured phones.


#4 Lifetime Warranty

Once you have purchased your Cloud Hosted Phones, they are yours. But what if something happens to them? We get it – coffee spills, moving trucks aren’t a smooth ride, and people drop things. Not to worry! One of the greatest benefits of our Cloud Hosted Phones have to offer is their Lifetime Warranty for our active phone service customers. We understand that life happens, and it’s often our phones that take the brunt of it!


#5 Functionality & Ease of Use

As Benefit #3 mentioned, Cloud Hosted Phones offer a great deal of savings; however, you’ll also be greatly increasing the quality of service and functionalities of your old, existing phone system. Cloud Hosted Phones are easy to use and offer an abundance of functionalities. Paging & intercom, voicemail blasting, virtual fax, automated attendants, and failover forwarding are only a handful of the features that Cloud Hosted Phones offer. Any of that sound complicated? Luckily, these features only sound complicated! Cloud Hosted Phone service simplifies these features for an all-around user-friendly experience.


Making the Switch!

Don’t just take it from us! Listen to what our customers are saying about their Cloud Hosted Phones: https://www.bigfishvoice.com/customer-testimonials/

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