What Sets Us Apart From The Rest.

Not all Cloud Hosted Phone Providers are alike, which provides you, the consumer, with options. You price around for everything – insurance, cars, home repairs, airfare, hotels – the list goes on. And when you are pricing these things, what are you typically looking for? What makes you look no further?

 The highest quality option at the lowest rate.

Just as you price around for a laundry list of other business essentials – remember to search for your highest quality option at your lowest rate when it comes to Cloud Hosted Phone Providers too.  Here are just a few notable differences that set us apart from the rest.

No Monthly Seat Charges. This major difference will leave you saying, “So that’s where they getcha!”. Most other Cloud Hosted Phone Providers charge you monthly by the “seat”. A seat is just another term for user. Let’s break down these savings in a real-life example. If your office has 10 phones and a monthly seat charge of $19.99 per seat. You will be charged $19.99 x 10 for a monthly charge of $199.90 before additional fees. Big Fish eliminates seat charges and bills you according to how many phone lines you decide your company needs. It is our professional recommendation that for every 10 physical office phones you have, you should have 3-4 phone lines. Using this recommendation and our monthly rate of $29.95 per phone lines, you will be charged $29.95 X 4 for a monthly charge of $119.80. That’s a major savings of at least $80.10 monthly! The number of lines your office needs is entirely up to you and can be increased or decreased as needed at any time. 

Lifetime Warranty. Our Lifetime Warranty on your Cloud Hosted Phones grants you peace of mind. No matter the circumstance, all active Big Fish phone service customers in good standing hold a lifetime warranty on their Cloud Hosted Phones. Accidents happen, and when they do, you can rely on Big Fish to quickly attend to your phone emergency and get your office fully back up and running fast! 

No Additional Charges for Phone Features. Another provider might advertise a great, low Cloud Hosted rate with the following four words: “Starting as low as…”. Be mindful of these four words as they typically hint towards additional fees for what we at Big Fish consider to be Standard Cloud Hosted Features. These features include but are not limited to:

– Voicemail to Email


– Automated Attendants


– Enhanced Call Forwarding


– Video Meeting Capabilities (on select models)


– Hot Desking                                                                                       


– Paging & Intercom


– Call Detail Records                                                                          


– Remote Call Pickup


Are you wondering why we offer a lifetime warranty on our phones and don’t charge per “seat” or for additional phone features? Other Providers are doing it and clearly, we could too. But we choose not to because we value YOU above dollar signs. It is our foremost goal to be your highest quality option at the lowest rate whilst offering continued high-quality maintenance and services. Your business is a privilege to us, and it is our utmost priority to ensure that all your Phone Service & IT needs are taken care of completely and efficiently.

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